Program Length: Depends on the opportunity.
High School Work Study is part-time regular employment through the course of the school year…Gifted and Talented Language Program is 12 weeks over the summer

Location: Depends on the opportunity

Admissions Requirement: 
• Currently a student (high school, undergrad, grad, or doctoral)

Admissions Deadline: Generally early October, may differ from program to program

Highlight: Are you interested in serving for the U.S.? Or maybe you are interested in working with professionals in various fields? By joining the National Security Agency Student Program, you can learn skills in various areas such as security, business, language, math, and computer science. You also get to work on the nation’s most pressing security challenges, and join a diverse yet accepting community. This defense program offers many different options for students such as the High School Work Study Program, Gifted and Talented Language Program, Cyber Summer Program, and Computer Science Intern Program. You can check out their extensive lists here! If any of these options catch your eye, be sure to apply!

Cost: free!

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