Program Length: Each session lasts for 1 week in July and August. There are a total of 4 sessions but you can choose which to participate in.

Location: Remote

Admissions Requirement:
be a rising 10th, 11th, or12th-grade high school student or a recent high school graduate. There is a “country” field on the application so we take that to mean that this is likely open to international students

Admissions Deadline: Unknown at the time of our write-up

Highlight:  The National History Academy Online Programs are an exciting summer opportunity for older teens who are interested in American history, civics, and civil discourse. The programs revolve around a unique method of Case Method learning developed by renowned Harvard Business School Professor David Moss. Each program will be based around a different “case” developed by Moss based on important events throughout American history. Students will learn about the context behind major decisions made in American history and then develop an argument for the choice they believe was right. As an example from 2023, one of the events was the making of the Constitution and Madison’s proposal for a “federal negative” which was eventually denied. Students will also have opportunities to take virtual visits to historic sites and interact with expert guest speakers. There will be four week-long programs throughout the summer and students can choose to participate in any combination of programs they desire. Each program will cost $95 but scholarships are available on a need basis. Further information about dates details can be found here, answers to frequently asked questions can be found here, and connecting to the organization newsletter can be done through here. If you want to learn more about the massive decisions that have shaped the America that we know today, apply here!


Cost: 95$ per weekly session.

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