Program Length: Flexible since you create your own video and can submit to the video challenge when you are ready.

Location: You create videos from wherever you are.

Admissions Req: This video challenge is for students in grades 6 through 12.
Students aged 13 and older may appear on camera.
Students under age 13 may still participate in all other aspects of the project.
A cell phone, tablet, or laptop will be needed to create the video for this video challenge.

Highlight: Are you an enthusiastic myth debunker? Are you also a student from grades 6-12 that is intrigued by space and what is out of this world! Then be the next shooting star in this NASA Spotlite video challenge and begin your journey in debunking one of the 4 space myths posed by the NASA Spotlite video challenge. By creating a short 2 minute video, you and your team  have the opportunity to provide classrooms and teachers using the NASA Spotlite video challenge page,  a fun and useful understanding of the facts behind some of the world’s most famous space myths. The goal of this video challenge is to engage students in doing activities that can help change their misconceptions about a topic in science, meaning your video challenge entry is in for a chance to be shown in science lessons and interactive classes across America! Just follow clear directions laid out in the components of a NASA Spotlite Video available on the website and use the opportunity to cement your own clarity  while you simultaneously help others explore and become more clear about the biggest space misconceptions, as well!! As Neil Armstrong  said as he walked along the surface of the moon “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.” So why not help others leap into the realm of space with the step they can take by understanding one more small fact! Register today for this video challenge and be part of the next great generation to make a leap into understanding Space.

Financial: Free



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