Program Length: Varies, there are multiple JPL programs. Go here for a brief overview of length
Most require a 10 week long commitment

Location: Varies on program, and programs can be on-site or remote.

Admissions Requirement: 
• Varies depending on the program, but they are all for university or graduate students

Admissions Deadline: 
Info can be found in individual program descriptions .

Highlight: Every kid has dreamt of going into space. For some, the thought is only for fun, but for others, it’s a genuine interest. Are you one of those people? Would you be interested in interning for NASA? Well, here’s your chance! Let us introduce the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL). It is a research institute owned by NASA, and it offers many STEM internships and research opportunities. Depending on what you’re looking for, there are several STEM internships available on their website! Many of the opportunities are targeted towards undergraduate and graduate students studying in STEM-related fields, but some are also available to high school students. In these STEM internships, participants will be developing their passion and love for science, and also getting professional experience while doing so. Each STEM internship comes with its own options for flexible hours, full-time or part-time opportunities, stipend or travel allowances, and more! You will have the chance to be mentored by or network with JPL scientists and engineers to work on designated projects, while also enjoying enrichment activities such as tours, lectures, and career advice through the JPL Education office. For any questions about these STEM internships, check out their Frequently Asked Questions section. If you find an opportunity you like, make sure to review it thoroughly to find out the availability and whether it is an online or in-person program. Well, are you ready? Go discover exciting STEM internships at the leading center for robotic exploration of the solar system…To infinity and beyond!

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