Program Length: This STEM competition takes place over 2 months for the initial phase (November to Jan)

Location: Online; finalists receive an all-expense paid trip to MIT!

Admissions Req: Any US high school student, including homeschooled students, with a proposal for a STEM project. Applications open Nov 1st and are due by Jan 1st. Finalists are announced Jan15 and visit MIT in Feb. Finalists, then receive funding and mentorship and work to complete projects for presentations in June.

Highlight: Do you have an idea for a STEM project and want to win some money? Then take a look at this MIT THINK scholars program! This STEM competition is run by the student organization, MIT TechX, in partnership with various technology companies and educational organizations. One or two students can create a project for this STEM competition. However, you must submit individually. To win this STEM competition, your proposal should have an insightful idea, clearly defined goal, and a well thought out procedure for implementation. Something different about this STEM competition is that you do not need a completed research project. All you need is an idea!!  Six finalists will be chosen during this STEM competition for an all-expense paid trip with the THINK team to present their project proposals, meet with like-minded professors, and tour MIT laboratories! From there, the finalists will be given up to $1000 to fund their project and a mentor to assist them in completing the project. Any of the six finalists who complete their project will be honoured as “MIT THINK Scholars” for that year’s STEM competition. So…feel free to check out the winning projects from last year…  and don’t be shy! (MIT) THINK about presenting your ideas!!

Financial: Free

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