Program Length: You can contribute as much or as little as you’d like. There is no specific commitment. You can also contribute to projects from previous years, but you’ll be less likely to find others discussing the problems with them

Location: Online

Admissions Req:

  • Must be a high school or college student anywhere around the world to enrol in this open math program
  • Advanced mathematical backgrounds
  • Not currently pursuing or holding a Ph.D. in mathematics

Highlight: Calling all high school and undergrad students! Do you have a love for math? Do you enjoy working on high-level math problems? Are you interested in advanced mathematical concepts? Well, then the MIT Primes Crowd Math program which has a special theme for each year is just for you! CrowdMath is an open math program that gives you an opportunity to work alongside top-tier research mentors and exceptional peer groups. This outstanding open math program creates a place for students to experience research mathematics and discover ideas that did not exist before. Have access to resources that are relevant to your project/problem. Have the opportunity to collaborate with other mathematicians on different elevated mathematical tasks in this open math program! The research you do in this open math program may even potentially lead to a published paper! This open math program is your chance to work on unsolvable problems in mathematics, where you can discover new truths. Work on Davenport-Schinzel sequences or linearity-preserving operations in this open math program, and push your brain past the limits of the known. Hurry on and apply to be part of this pushing-boundaries-while-working-with-others high-level math opportunity!

Financial: Free

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