Program Length: Held once during spring and once during summer
Summer HSSP 2021 will run on Saturday afternoons from July 10th through August 14th
Spring HSSP 2022 dates have not been determined yet

Location: All classes are now held virtually on zoom

Admissions Req: Have to be be in 7th – 12th grade
Open to anyone worldwide
Applications for the summer program open in June and close June 25th.
Applications for the spring program open similarly close to the start of the program.

Highlight: Do you enjoy learning about new things either for intellectual nourishment or for fun? Then the MIT HSSP program has got you covered with their multi-weekend programs. For six weeks during the summer/spring, you get the chance to explore a variety of topics from “Crime Scene Chemistry” to “The Mathematics of Music” to “Politics for the Modern Era”. These multi-weekend programs can either be academic or non-academic based on your interests. The best part is, regardless of where you live, you can attend these multi-weekend programs online from the comfort of your computer screen. The lessons also happen only once a week, so you’ve always got plenty of time to prepare. These multi-weekend programs are offered for students from middle school all the way to grade 12. The options are limitless, so why not spend $40 to explore something(s) you always wanted to learn, but never could in school. Make a little room for yet another great program offering from MIT.

Financial: Entire program costs $40, regardless of the number of classes attended
Financial aid available (The deadline to request financial aid is 11:59 PM EDT on July 3).



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