Program Length: 1 year — applications are due mid-June for a program that goes through the school year

Location: Minnesota– firm partners are located around the state. They will match you with one that can work for you. Transportation is provided!

Admissions Req: Academically strong, under-represented racial/ethnic minority students in Minnesota who will be juniors or seniors in high school for the upcoming school year with an interest in accounting/business can apply to this accounting program.

Highlight: Doors open and opportunities show themselves in different ways in life. For you, Minnesota juniors and seniors interested in accounting and/or business, this is an opportunity to get the inside scoop on accounting! At MNCPA Scholars, you will be a part of a year long mentorship that will start in September. This accounting program will show you the ins and outs of the job of a CPA, or a certified public accountant. If you decide to apply to this accounting program, you will shadow a real CPA and meet and dine with firm partners. To qualify for this accounting program, you’ll have to be an academically successful high school student in Minnesota with an interest in accounting or business. Throughout the course of this accounting program, you will receive the maybe expected mentorship, recommendations, and invitations to workshops, but you will also receive some maybe not so expected things: including business attire, transportation to the company you work with, invitations to business luncheons and dinners, and a tuition gift of $1000. It’s essentially a year long modified job shadowing opportunity with a whole lotta perks thrown in!  Apply by June 15th to this accounting program and get a head start on your career today!

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