Program Length: Mid June – Early August

Location: UC Irvine

Admissions Req: High school, college, graduate school, and medical school students are allowed to apply; applicants must be at least a high school freshmen(first-year)

Admissions Deadline: February 28th

Highlight: Are you interested in pursuing healthcare? Are you looking for a summer internship? High School, College, Graduate, and Medical Students hear me out! The Medical Intelligence and Innovation Institute (MI3) at UC Irvine is offering a summer internship that gives you the unique opportunity to explore the future of healthcare. This summer internship is for students interested more specifically in exploring the field and the future of pediatric medicine. You will get to use your problem-solving skills in a real hospital setting! This summer internship will immerse you in several areas relevant to pediatric medicine, like genomics and personalized medicine, regenerative medicine and stem cells, nanomedicine, robotics, and robotic surgery, artificial intelligence and big data, medical devices, and mobile technology, and more innovation in pediatric healthcare medicine.! You will have different kinds of healthcare professional mentors that will work with you in hands-on clinical workshops. In addition to problem-solving in the field, receiving mentorship support, and participating in educational field trips in this summer opportunity, you will develop your public speaking skills as well. The best part of this summer internship is that tuition is FREE! You only have to follow the deadlines, be at least a freshman in high school and submit your application. If you’re chosen, you will be participating in this amazing summer internship for a total of around two months. Although living expenses ( housing, meals, and transportation) are not included, you will receive many unique benefits by being accepted to this summer opportunity. So get out your lab coat and APPLY!

Cost: Tuition is free (if you’re accepted) but housing and meals are an additional cost


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