Program Length:  Weekend – End of January

Location: Online

Admissions Req: Anyone can participate… register right up until the start of the conference

Highlight: Are you a student who’s interested in medicine who would like to expand your opportunities by attending a conference aimed for students just like you? Then the MedVenture conference is something you should know about and consider! This event is a free two day medical conference hosted by students from across Canada and the United States for anyone in the world of any age category. Not only will you have the chance to talk with experts in the field, but this medical conference features so much more! The main event of this medical conference is a challenge that helps to release your creativity for a chance to win prizes. You propose a realistic solution to an existing issue and create a prototype that could lead to medical advancements. If that isn’t convincing enough, you’ll receive constructive input by real experts in the field who’ll be judging your solution. In addition, this medical conference also includes many workshops, presentations, networking opportunities, and more. You’ll get to gain insight into the medical business while improving your public speaking, analytical, and problem-solving skills. The top teams that attend this medical conference will be published in a bi-annual Medventure journal through Amazon KDP and win various prizes and certificates. Some of the speakers and workshop leaders of this medical conference include Dr. Micheal Conboy, Dr. Nicole Look Hong, and Dr. Kathryn Ko. So, if this medical conference looks interesting to you, what’s stopping you from trying it out? Get yourself registered and check out the conference schedule before it begins in late January!

Financial:  There IS an application fee to register: $65 for US students and $30 for international students

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