Program Length: Depends on what you choose.

Location: Virtual

Admissions Requirements:
All students (High Schoolers, College students) regardless of socioeconomic background.

Application Deadline:
Unknown at this time.

Are you a student interested in medicine or looking for STEM opportunities? If so, listen up! Medicine Encompassed is a nonprofit organization that offers numerous STEM opportunities, mostly focused on medicine. Their mission is to develop an inclusive medical community and increase resource accessibility. With over 1300 members from 40+ countries, Medicine Encompassed focuses on researching new methods at the intersection of technology and medicine. Each member plays a vital role in achieving this mission by overseeing committees, managing operations, and collaborating to create resources for other underprivileged students.

This organization has several STEM opportunities that work on producing content and providing services to underprivileged and underserved students. They have many positions for you to choose from! If you’re a pre-medical or medical student, consider joining their Mentorship Program to guide mentees with test preparation and coursework. You can also participate in the biweekly Newsletter Initiative, which covers medical facts and events. Additionally, they have multiple other initiatives that work on research, podcasts, literature reviews, community platforms, and many more!

Interested? Visit their website to explore their STEM opportunities and find a position that allows you to maximize your potential while helping fellow students do the same!”

Cost: None.

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