Program Length: 14 Days, June 18th – July 2nd…. Application deadline April 15th

Location: U.S (Hasn’t been fully confirmed yet, either online or at the MIT campus.)

Admissions Req:

  • US citizens or attending high school in the US (before the last year of high school)
  • Between the ages of 14-18
  • Demonstrated academic excellence, particularly in mathematics
  • Is comfortable doing math like high school algebra, geometry, trigonometry, exponents, and logarithms.

Highlight: There are many different ways students spend their summers. Some get jobs in order to increase their income, most relax and just enjoy the presence of friends and family, then there are the students that look into academic enrichment or ways to enhance the skills they already have. Well, for any of you heavily interested in mathematics, Mathroots @ MIT will be the perfect summer program for you! You are eligible for this MIT summer program if you are 14 to 18-years old,  a U.S citizen or a person who has been attending high school in the U.S prior to your last year, and someone who demonstrated academic excellence, particularly in mathematics. Mathroots @ MIT is a 14-day MIT summer program for underrepresented individuals who have a passion for math and would like to further themselves within this subject. From participating in this MIT summer program, you will of course get the amazing opportunity to work alongside MIT professors, as well as, exposure to great ideas in mathematics  working and living in a community of like-minded individuals. To break it down a little further, this means exposure to accessible ideas in mathematics in conjunction with creative problem solving, including discussion on techniques & meaning of mathematical proof…And just when it sounds like it couldn’t possibly get more exciting…This MIT summer program has all your education, food,  and boarding costs covered… the only thing you need to do is get there!  Women, underrepresented minorities and students from economically disadvantaged backgrounds are encouraged to apply to this extraordinary MIT summer program…There is definitely nothing to lose. Give it a go! Just make sure it’s by April 15th!

Financial: It’s MIT  and totally free! … except for transportation…

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