Program Length: 5-week summer program (from July/ August))

Location: Colby College in Waterville, ME

Admissions Requirement: 
• aged 13 to 18

• Write a personal essay
• Accept international students
• Need to complete some Math Qualifying Quiz
• Two recommendation letters: one academic, one personal.

Admissions Deadline: Early March

Highlight: Mathcamp is for you if you often find mathematics occupying your mind, whether through thinking about theoretical constructs or about practical ways of applying them. Offered through Colby College, in Waterville, Maine, this summer math program offers a unique opportunity for the brightest and most mathematically inclined high school students for five weeks. At the summer math program, you can take part in undergraduate and even graduate-level topics, along with other high school student math lovers. In order to qualify, you must  be between the ages of 13 and 18, take a qualifying quiz,  and write a personal essay. International students are welcome to apply to this summer math program, with help every step of the way  with visas or travel plans as needed. Besides classes on mathematics, weekends will be filled with math projects and the occasional field trips to activities such as laser tag and hiking! The cost is $4,500 (USD), which includes room and board and all activities! Scholarships and financial aid are offered, depending on your needs, AND if your family income is below $65,000 and you live in Canada or the US, all costs for this summer math camp will be negated completely! (That’s right! — Entirely FREE!) So, if math matters to you, take math matters for next summer into your own hands and apply now!

Cost: $0 – $4,500 USD (pro-rated depending on need)

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