Program Length: Length varies depending upon your regional contests, level of participation , and of course how far you advance

Location: Online and Long Beach City College

Admissions Requirement: Open to elementary, middle school (grades 5-8), high school (grades 9-12), community and technical college, and four-year university students as well as home-schooled students. Check out the eligibility page for more info on which competition level to apply to! Teams must have at least three students with at least one faculty member or adult mentor involved in the process.

Admissions Deadline: Opens from late February to early March. Closes from mid March to early April.
(Can vary according to regions)

Highlight: Remote control cars were the one thing that made you cool back in middle school, but what if you could make a remote control ROV that could help prevent pollution? The Mate ROV robotics competition is an underwater robotics challenge, inviting students from grade 4 up until university from all over the world. Participants compete in teams with a minimum of 3 members and 1 faculty member or adult mentor. This robotics competition has a unique level system with different difficulty levels. Each category has a different number of teams to be accepted and eligibility, they are: Explorer (High school, college and university), Pioneer (College and university), Ranger (Middle and high school), Navigator (Middle and high school) and Scout (Elementary, middle and high school). A general overview of all the levels of this robotics competition are mentioned here. Each category has a different registration fee. Make sure to contact your regional coordinators to confirm your eligibility for the robotics competition and for more info on how the event will take place in each location. Top teams from each regional contest can advance to the annual international robotics competition, however, the scout and navigator class do not advance to this World Championship. Past years have also offered virtual ways of attending this World Championship, if participants are unable to attend in-person due travel restrictions, concerns for COVID, funding, etc. This robotics competition also encourages participants to develop their entrepreneur skills by encouraging students to prepare technical reports, marketing ads and transform their teams into start-up companies. The scoring rubrics for all the categories of this robotics competition can be found here. Need inspiration? Check out the teams in 2022 who have advanced to the world championship of this robotics competition. Overwhelmed? Check out this resources page for any guidance you could need while building your ROVs and the resources & archives page for examples of writing technical reports, developing budgets, and more! Or message them with your questions. So what are you waiting for? Register now for this robotics competition and get to building your superhero ROV to protect the environment!

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