Program Length: 2 weeks mid-July

Location: MIT Lincoln Laboratory, Lexington, MA (virtual for 2021)

Admissions Req: Must be a current 11 grader US citizen. Take a moment to demonstrate your significant interest science, math, and engineering: submit 3 short essays (1 on how you became interested in engineering and your career goals, one on how LLRISE can support that, and one on a personal challenge you’ve faced), plus math and reading test scores, transcripts, and teacher recommendations — to complete an application to participate in this FREE MIT stem program.

Highlight: If tracking -in-an-effort-to-understand strange objects is your thing, consider attending this two-week summer STEM program on RADAR hosted by MIT! Spend two weeks in MIT dorms attending STEM workshops for FREE! Learn how to build small radar systems and work closely with skilled scientists and engineers. (Just a reminder: Radar is used across many fields, including in air-defense systems, astronomy, and ocean surveillance!) . So, use this STEM program, to gain some in-depth experience in some pretty exciting stuff! Through innovative problem-solving techniques, participants in this STEM program will be challenged to create a Doppler and range radar to figure out velocity of objects at a distance. This hands-on STEM program allows students to collaborate with highly qualified scientists and engineers in a state-of-the-art laboratory to use information on location, size, and movement of objects to better understand various phenomena. Apply to this STEM program today to gain engineering experience like no other!

Financial: Entirely FREE! and even INCLUDES ROOM AND BOARD (once Covid leaves and program can return to in-person)

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