Program Length: No pre- defined length

Location: Online and anywhere

Admissions Req: Students 13 and up

Highlight: Among the items that digitally interface with that thing we call our cell phones, we have these amazing things for download called applications, apps for short. Junior Achievement decided to make a partnership that led to the creation of this investing app calling Learn and Earn. With this investing app, you have courses that you can go through that will teach you how to invest, throw you into the stock market safely, and get you accustomed to the ways of investing. Another great thing about the investing app Learn and Earn, it’s only $1 a month and allows for parents to be part of the investing experience by supporting students as they work through courses and learn about navigating the stock market. Parents can (or there are external sponsors in place) to fund the student as they learn and work their way through the investing world. Because parents are a welcome and knowledgeable support piece for  students on this investing app, students as young as 13 can get started here! So what are you waiting for? To get started on this amazing investing app, just download the app on any device and sign up!! You’re never too young or too old to start or learn something new!

Financial: $1 a month



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