Program Length: One-day blood drive plus time to plan and recruit. Offered when school is out and divided into 3 periods:
Winter: Dec 15th – Jan 15th
Summer: June 1st- August 31st
Spring:  Jan 16 th- may 31st

Location: In your community in the US (sponsored through the Red Cross)

Admissions Req: Be a high school or college student in the US to take part in this community leadership opportunity that does offer a chance to win some scholarship money as well!

Highlight: Thinking of going into nursing or medicine? Or maybe you just generally like helping in ways that demonstrate real impact? Well, maybe think about collecting blood — not from a vampire or serial killer, or anything… just from your friends and neighbours! Make your mark on the world by hosting a blood drive at your school! Choose a time when school is out of session to host a blood drive and get a chance to demonstrate leadership and contribute to something that saves lives! It’s a bit of an opportunity and scholarship rolled into one — which is why we feature it in both databases! There is a bit of a competitive element as well: depending on how many pints you collect you could win a gift card  and be eligible for several scholarship draws!  All you need to do to prepare to demonstrate your community leadership efforts in this drive is access to a large open room, and a small group of dedicated friends to help you assemble a few more volunteers and lots of donors! – the Red Cross provides equipment, supplies, and trained staff (and COVID precautions) the day of the drive! Help save lives while gaining leadership skills by hosting a blood drive today in this community leadership scholarship…it’s BLOODY BRILLIANT!

Financial: Free… Awards  and prizes for various numbers of pints collected.
25-59 pints =$50 gift card
60-99 pints = $100 gift card
100 pints = $200 gift card

25-59 pints: Spring & Summer =6@$1K   Winter=4@$1K
60-99 pints: Spring & Summer= 2@$1.5K Winter=1@$1.5K
100 pints: Spring & Summer =2@$2.5K  Winter=1@$2.5K

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