Program Length: None (however long you would like to spend)

Location: Virtual

Admissions Requirement:
There is no direct reference to age eligibility or limits, so we are  surmising that this writing opportunity is open to everyone! Send file in Word or Pages and name the file. Include bio with a maximum of 50 words with URLs or social media handles.
Aim for 800 words, 1,500 words maximum
Have an interview
Send through one of the following emails depending on categories.
Must have insight on Asia

Admissions Deadline:None (submissions accepted whenever)

Highlight: Are you an aspiring journalist looking to get your work published in one of the largest open sourced journals? Then look no further than the Kyoto Journal! The Kyoto Journal is a non-profit volunteer-produced renowned journal publication opportunity that celebrates Asian culture and society and gives anyone the ability to be published. It welcomes Asia-related articles, essays, reportage, personal observations, interviews, poetry, reviews, fiction, humor, and translation, and provides various guidelines for how these pieces of writing should be structured. Unlike typical “Discovering Asia” publications, this journal publication opportunity looks towards illuminating cultural differences in a positive way and promoting intercultural understanding via specifics instead of generalities. The Kyoto Journal features work in both print and online format. If your work is chosen to be featured in the print or online version, they’ll send you a physical copy of the print issue your writing is featured in or the current print issue. Don’t feel discouraged if your writing isn’t chosen for a given month- they often keep pieces on hold until they fit an overall theme of a particular issue. So what are you waiting for? There’s nothing to lose from taking advantage of this journal publication opportunity, so be sure to send your pieces to the correct e-mail address today!


Cost: Free!

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