Program Length: This coding program is 2 weeks each rotation (Mon-Fri 9AM-3PM)
June 7- June18
June 21- July 2
July 12- July 23
July 26-Aug 6

Location: online…Applications close April 4th

Admissions Req: All young women and non-binary individuals that are ages 13-18 are eligible to apply to this coding program.

Highlight: Throughout our day to day lives, we see coding through social media applications such as TikTok and Instagram as well as other media platforms. Whether you do or don’t quite have an idea of whether you want Coding to be part of your professional future, it will always be great option to know something about…. and here is the perfect opportunity to do that, no fuss no muss! This is the perfect coding program for beginners! Beyond learning code in this coding program, Kode with Klossy is FREE and aimed at giving young women and non-binary individuals a fun, comfortable, and stress-free intro to the world of coding. Students will be able to learn how to code with major programs such as Python, HTML, CSS, Swift and JavaScript to make websites, mobile applications, or learn about data science. What is even more exciting is that you do not need any prior experience to enter this coding program! The only question that remains is…Why not spend 2 weeks of your summer learning how to code, making new friends, and gain insight from other women in the coding profession all for free??

Financial: Free

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