Program Length: 5 1/2 months (July through December)

Nanaimo, BC
Calgary, AB
Winnipeg, MB
Peterborough, ON
Quebec City, QC
Moncton, NB

(all full social immersion program sites)

Admissions Req:

-Be a Canadian citizen/resident
-Age 17-25 years old
– Need to fundraise $1000 prior to the start of the social immersion program to help cover costs of participation… but they give you some support with that.

Highlight: Are you someone who is up for a challenge? Do you enjoy collaboration and self improvement through hard work? Perhaps you are a young adult 17-25 years old who lives in Canada? Well the Katimavik National Experience sponsored by the Canadian government itself, might be a fit for you! This is a full social immersion program that lasts a total of 5.5 months selects 11 outstanding individuals for each of the community service houses located in 6 cities across Canada (listed above) to collaborate and challenge themselves – learning about Indigenous culture and providing community service while living together in a Katimavik home. Individuals in this social immersion program will learn about a variety of subjects such as environmental protection, sustainability, the history of Canadian Indigenous people, and geography. You will also contribute about 30 hours of your time to community service in your new community and design and implement the projects during your 5 1/2 month stay in this social immersion program. Community Service projects can include environmental initiatives through manual labor such as park clean ups as well as communications outreach through public relations and fundraising. Before this social immersion program adventure can begin, candidates will need to fundraise at least $1000 to cover their costs for participation – but don’t worry,  Katimavik offers support for this…you won’t be on your own! This may seem challenging, but nothing like getting over a challenge to set you up for facing and overcoming more! Feel free to connect to them beforehand with questions:  Challenge yourself to grow and think about signing up for the Katimavik social immersion program today!

Financial: All costs are covered after the initial $1000 fundraising goal is met


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