Program Length: Varies depending on the what you sign up for in this coding program

Location: Online

Admissions Req: Register using your email

Highlight: Do you have an interest in data science and feel inspired to grow your skills with an exciting coding program? Maybe you’d like to gain usable skills on various topics such as Python, Intro to Machine Learning, and Intro to Game Al & Reinforcement Learning? Then Kaggle’s free coding programs could be for you! Whether you are looking for a friendly competition or the knowledge necessary to do independent data science projects through a coding course, Kaggle’s coding programs have something for you to enjoy. These coding programs welcome everyone regardless of your level of coding experience– whether you  are already very familiar  or whether you’re an interested newbie looking to understand the difference between AI and ML! You can also work with passionate coding professionals and earn certificates for your time and experience with the FREE courses offered in this coding program. In addition to all these amazing opportunities, you can take part in a bunch of coding competitions like the Titanic – Machine Learning from Disaster where you predict survival on the Titanic just for fun, or the Covid-19 Detection competition where you can win up to $30 000! Rest assured that Kaggle has a coding program for you that is free, online, and easy to register for. What more is there to love?

Financial: Free!



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