Program Length:  virtual 5-week or in-person 8-week program 

Baltimore, US

Admissions Requirement:
Current juniors and seniors from backgrounds who are underrepresented (UR) attending schools in Baltimore City only are eligible to apply for the 8-week in-person summer research experience.
Current high school juniors and seniors from underrepresented populations anywhere in the United States are eligible to participate in the 5-week virtual summer research experience.

Application Deadline: Early March

Are you a junior or senior high school student who is passionate and willing to discover neurological science? If yes, Get ready to explore John Hopkins Internship in Brain Sciences !
This Internship is the perfect opportunity for you, if you are on your way to find your desired career as a researcher or clinician scientist at doctoral level. Not only does this internship seek to reach students early and provide exposure to the behavioral sciences, preparing them for a future career in neuroscience-related research, but also addresses a very important cause; As the world’s population ages, the prevalence of NCDs ( Non Communicable Diseases) is projected to rise every 20 years, according to the World Health Organization (WHO) and the need of better ways to detect and treat people at risk, as well as new therapies and approaches that can reduce suffering surges to the top.

The in-person internship is open to students who live in the Baltimore, Maryland, metropolitan area, and who are enrolled full time in a Baltimore City Public or Independant school; the online internships are open to students everywhere in the US. working toward a highschool diploma. In-person interns will get paid by the hour for a period of 8 weeks. They will have their travel expenses taken care of, but they won’t get accommodation. For those interning online, they will be compensated for their active involvement in the 5-week course. Additionally, details regarding the duration, nature of the programs, and previous editions are provided. Virtual interns who successfully complete the 5-week program receive a $500 scholarship to support their education.

Applications are open from December 1st and the deadline for submission is March 1st. The internship starts on the same day each year. Don’t pass this opportunity to hone your knowledge of neurological science whilst you work towards making a difference in the world. Apply now!

Cost: Free.. Actually you receive a small stipend as an intern!

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