Program Length: Until you get hired at a job or decide to withdraw from the program

Location: remote ( but you really talk to a person all of the time!)

Admissions Req: Anyone aged 15-30 eligible to work in Canada

Admissions Deadline: No deadline

Highlight:  Are you tired of looking through countless job application opportunities without any guidance, don’t know where to start or still haven’t been hired? Do you not have many connections yet want to save money? If so, we recommend you to try out Opportunity For All Youth’s MyStartr interview guidance program. If you are between the ages of 15-30 and are looking for a job located in British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, or Quebec, this is a must-snag opportunity for you! This interview guidance program will stay with you through the rough patches of the job application process. You might be asking how does it work? Well, MySTARTR’s interview guidance program will assign your own personal youth coach to help provide stress free guidance for you until you secure that job offer you need, along with many benefits and tips for interviews to help maximize your chances of acceptance. The process typically works as so. Firstly, once you’ve registered for this interview guidance program, your youth coach will contact you to participate in virtual job exploration, interview preparation, and coaching workshops. Next, they match you with employment opportunities in your area! Thanks to their amazing partners such as Starbucks, The Source, Telus, and more, as long as you meet the application requirements, you’re in for a guaranteed interview. Once the big day of your interview arrives, they set you up in a digital hiring event in which you’ll receive interview feedback afterwards. This interview guidance program makes sure you don’t sweat about not getting a job as they focus on what you could do better next time and find new job openings for you to apply to until you’re accepted to one. For further information and insight to this interview guidance program, feel free to check out their socials. Finally, it’s open to everyone remotely and year long, so apply now and try out this free interview guidance program!

Financial: Free

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