Program Length: This social justice program is 8 weeks long running from early June to early August

Location: Virtual

Admissions Req: Middle schoolers, high schoolers, and college students from anywhere in the world that are ITYC general members or are submitting an application to become an IYTC general member!

Admissions Deadline: May 1st

Highlight: Do you ever feel uncomfortable with the fact that smoking is still so common despite being so unhealthy? Does smoking affect you and your everyday life? Do you ever wish you could change this? It might surprise you that there is a way you can be proactively involved. The International Youth Tobacco Control Association’s internship is a social justice program open to all ages, and to anyone living anywhere, as it’s completely virtual! In this social justice program, you work with experienced mentors to complete specific tasks and operations such as conducting IYTC fundraisers, performing legislative actions with regards to tobacco prevention, and creating posters for tobacco control. Along with that, interns in this social justice program are also given access to National Board of Director meetings. To apply to this social justice program, you need to first become a general member of the IYTCA (which is super easy and free!), and then you can apply to the internship! So if I were you and wanted to make a change in my community, I would apply to this social justice program. The deadline is at the beginning of May… Don’t let this opportunity go up in smoke!

Financial: Free to apply

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