Program Length: 4 months

Location: Virtual

Admissions Req: Must be over the age of 18 from anywhere except for a few sanctioned countries

Admissions Deadline: Mid-August to mid-November

Highlight: Are you an upcoming makeup and hair artist who wants their work judged based on talent? Then the International Beauty Industry Awards are for you! This makeup and hair competition could change your life by making you a world-renowned makeup artist and opening up opportunities for you to jump-start your career in the beauty industry. Anyone over the age of 18 from anywhere around the world, with the exception of a few sanctioned countries, is allowed to participate in this makeup and hair competition. As an additional bonus, students studying in a beauty-related program are given one free entry into either the student hair or the student makeup category. Other competitors pay a $75 entry fee unless they’re entering into a niche category such as best reparative hair/makeup, in which the entry fee is waived. The winners of each of the 50 categories of this makeup and hair competition are rewarded with the International Beauty Industry statuette (a handcrafted piece of art by the designers behind the Emmy and MTV awards). Next, two category finalists receive a certificate, and the semi-finalists will have their work added to the winners’ gallery on the IBI website. You may be wondering how this makeup and hair competition works if it’s completely virtual? Well, once you’ve submitted photos of your work to IBI’s makeup and hair competition, they’ll be blind judged by judges based on visual success, technical execution, and creativity & concept. This makeup and hair competition celebrates diversity, inclusiveness, and accessibility. So, if you’ve been searching for your calling in the beauty industry but to no avail, try your hand at the International Beauty Industry Awards, and start planning out your look today!


Financial:75 USD per entry/category

***But there are some notable exceptions that receive FREE ENTRY:                                                                                                – -Best Reparative Hair/Makeup, meaning improving people’s (or your) self-esteem while they battle a physical illness by using makeup or hair artistry                                                                                                                                                                           -Students actively enrolled in a beauty-related program


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