Program Length: This indigenous mentorship program is ongoing

Location: Likely Remote

Admissions Req: First People’s students in high school.

Highlight: For many years, there have been numerous issues between the majority and the minority. Many programs and colleges want to give the minority a helping hand due to all the heartaches and challenges they’ve encountered throughout time. IMPulse (Indigenous Mentorship program) is a FREE indigenous mentorship program that is tailored to the Indigenous youth, due to the unique challenges they face. Within this Indigenous mentorship program, mentors from the University of British Columbia mentor high school indigenous students on where they are, the importance of and higher education,  and to be clear about expectations for managing it, so that they can be best prepared for decisions around their next steps. Whether you’re four years away or just a few months away from college, they want you! This completely free-of-charge Indigenous mentorship program can help you explore your options and to give you an idea of what it’ll be like if you choose to go to college. What makes this indigenous mentorship program special is the fact that high school students can develop skills by finding activities to get involved in, and make one-on-one connections with mentors that will help them understand not only ways that their culture’s traditions might be recognized and possibly even integrated into campus life, but also help create a clearer picture of the broader university experience at that school. If you are interested in participating as either a mentor or a mentee for this indigenous mentorship program, just click on the appropriate link and sign up!

Financial:  Free

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