Program Length: 8 weeks

Location: Once students are selected for the fishery internship program, they are then paired with a mentor, a fisheries and aquatic sciences professional, located within a 30-45 minute commute of the student’s home.

Admissions Req: Students who live and have residency in the United States, Mexico, and Canada are eligible to apply. Past participants of the Hutton Fishery Internship Program are also eligible to submit an application

Admissions Deadline: Mid-February

Highlight: If you’ve ever gone fishing on a beautiful Saturday sunset, you’ll probably know the satisfaction as your rod finally grabs onto something and you’ve caught a prize. The Hutton Fishery Internship Program invites high school students across the US, Canada, and Mexico to an 8-week-long fishery internship program where you will gain the opportunity to earn money whilst also learning; also meaning you will not lose out over the summer if you wanted a paid job! This fishery internship program is paid a total of $3000 dollars during the 8 weeks giving you plenty of time to earn and learn! The application process for this fishery internship program is slightly complex and thus while filling out your application, follow this checklist to make sure you’re on track. Once selected to be a part of this fishery internship program, you’ll be paired with a mentor, a fisheries and aquatic sciences professional located within 30-45 minutes of you allowing you to follow your interests without having to stress too much about travel costs and the complexity of traveling itself! During the fishery internship program, selected students will perform various duties, some of which may include the examination of specimens under microscopes, data processing, and electrofishing; giving you an array of learning opportunities to develop your understanding of the world of sustainable fishing. If you aren’t sure what fisheries science involves, you can check out this site for more information. Overwhelmed? Check out their faq page or contact them here. Lacking motivation? Read up on this article about an alumni’s experience in this fishery internship program. So what are you waiting for? Applications close Mid-February so grab onto this opportunity and apply now!

Cost: Free!


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