Program Length: Depends on each program

Location: Depends on the applicants themselves

Admissions Requirement: 
• Differs once again, some are high school while others for college level

Admissions Deadline: Differs for each opportunity

Highlight: The Global housing crisis affects billions of people across the globe, forcing people into homelessness or to spending a huge part of their income on housing. The Habitat for Humanity is an international charity that fights homelessness by constructing houses built by volunteers. They have many ways to get involved differentiated by cost, eligibility, tasks and other criteria. If you want to support their housing projects in your locality you can find your local habitat or take part in these opportunities: the Veterans Build, the Women Build and Home Preservation! You can also volunteer abroad with several programs under the head of international volunteering! If you are able to travel, you can look at the following opportunities to volunteer: RV Care-A-Vanners, Collegiate Challenge, Habitat and Thrivent Worldwide programs and Global Village! If you are looking to volunteer for the long-term you can check out these programs of the organization: Habitat for Humanity AmeriCorps, International Volunteer Program, US long term volunteer program and the Disaster Corps! If you’re leaning towards volunteering as a group you can check out these opportunities: Business Partners, Community Organizations and Faith Partners! Habitat for Humanity also conducts special events! If you’re interested, you can partake in the Ameri-Corps Build-a-thon, Carter Work Project, World Habitat Day and International Women Build Week! They also have specific youth programs such as their Campus Chapters (which will require volunteering experience with the organization itself in case you want to start a chapter), the Collegiate Challenge (which will require you travel as mentioned earlier), the Habitat Young Professionals and the Act! Speak! Build! Week! There are many ways for you to get involved with Habitat for Humanity; it’s a brilliant organization helping many people around the world! It may seem overwhelming looking at all of the links and opportunities to explore, but you can start off with the more general volunteering categories. Whether you are able to travel, or if you’re looking to go long-term, volunteer as a group, go solo or be part of only events, Habitat for Humanity offers a way for you to get involved. Start with reaching out to your local chapter; once you’ve done that you can go through each opportunity and see which fits you best!And if you still have questios? Well then, contact them with any queries! So what are you waiting for? There’s no better time than the present to get involved in building a better future for Humanity!

Cost: Depends on the program. Some are free while the ones that include traveling could cost between $1650 and $2500 for accommodation and other expenses.

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