Program Length: 6 months

Location: Online

Admissions Requirement:
• Must be 14-18 years old
• Free to join once accepted

Admissions Deadline: Late October

Highlight: What is more important than water? If you can find an answer to that question, then you may need to rethink because, for us there is nothing more valuable than our precious H2O. Unfortunately, this resource is not equally available to people around the world….which causes problems, to put it mildly. This is where the H2O for Life Fellowship Program comes in to help changemakers like you make a difference. This fellowship program offers you an opportunity to sharpen your leadership skills and your critical thinking. You can also earn service hours! Every month, students will attend seminars to learn more about particular issues in the global water crisis. During this fellowship program, the discussion between your fellows from all around the world can broaden your perspective to help you better understand how you can provide families access to clean water and good sanitation. Moreover, in this fellowship program, you will have the chance to meet professionals, from engineers to professional athletes, who are working hard to tackle this water crisis. The goal of this fellowship program is to create a project at your school to support a water project that will impact a whole community. You can also check out their blog for past student’s projects from the fellowship program. In 2022, one student group helped ⁠Swidic Islamic Orphanage Primary School receive clean water and they even helped eliminate 4.22 miles of walking per day! Students will receive one-on-one support and can get grants that will help students transform their ideas into a reality in this fellowship program. If you need more clarification, you can contact the Educational Programs Manager at Water creates life and without it, there will be no life. Get to action and apply to this fellowship program! Be part of a program that is dedicated to creating solutions for making easier access to clean water  possible: our present to the present!

Cost: Free 🙂

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