Program Length: varies for specific volunteer or job posting

Location:  All 10 provinces, Northwestern Territories, and Virtual

Admissions Req: dependent upon specific job posting/ volunteer or summer opportunity… but there definitely are options for students specifically and  it looks like there possibly could be some opportunities  for teens.

Highlight: With 2020 hitting a record high global temperature, it’s only a matter of time before thousands die due to environmental disasters. And during this time of heightened global crisis, we all must step up as responsible citizens and push for a greener society by finding new ways to promote a healthy lifestyle, and an overall sustainable and healthier world around us. Want to be a part of saving our Mother Earth? Consider learning more about Goodwork! Goodwork is a sustainable organization aimed towards promoting a greener society through a green jobs forum with various green job listings and green volunteer opportunities with both virtual and offline options! Want to join? All you have to do to access this green jobs forum, is to go to their website, and find the opportunity just for you! Goodwork’s green jobs forum offers a variety of work opportunities such as, environmental and sustainability work, conservation and biodiversity work, outdoor or nature work, sustainable or farming work, and more, all across Canada! Have any questions? Don’t be afraid to ask! No matter the type of opportunity you are looking for, Goodwork’s green jobs forum certainly has the perfect one for you!

Financial: free



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