Program Length: the glaciology summer school is a 10 day program that runs bi-annually (so every 2 years)

Location: McCarthy, Alaska

Admissions Req:  Well, first things first — this is NOT an opportunity for high school students unfortunately.. It’s just for graduate students doing some sort of research in the area of glaciers. Students can be from anywhere in the world, though… and even though this makes it pretty specific, our team agreed, it’s still pretty cool (pun intended!) to know about. If you are in the field, all it requires is a:

  1. Cover Letter
  2. CV, and a
  3. Description of the project

Highlight: Glaciers have been melting for years due to global warming, and if things continue in this fashion, they are projected to be completely gone by the end of this century. By taking part in this glaciology summer school, graduate students interested in the field have the power to change that. Students who are accepted into this glaciology summer school spend ten days in tents in remote Alaska alongside glaciers and leading scientists in the field of glaciology. Participants are from all over the world. Check out the list of participants from 2018 (2020 was not held due to the pandemic). In addition to past participants, the site posts all past projects as well as upcoming programming and coursework when it becomes available. If you are a graduate student with a cover letter, short CV, and relevant experience or research, this free glaciology summer school which includes coursework with, and insights from, other researchers in the field.  Do your part and let your research contribute to information and ideas that can potentially help slow the melting of the glaciers. So,if this opportunity is in your field, the ball is in your court; apply to be part of this glaciology summer school now!

Financial: Free program accommodation and food…. you just pay for travel there and back!



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