Program Length:  7-week daily summer coding program.

Location: Various leading tech companies across the U.S.

Admissions Req: Rising high school junior/senior students in 2020, identifying as  female, and currently living or studying in the US, are eligible to apply for this summer coding program.

Highlight: Interested in coding but don’t have any experience? Check out this completely FREE 7-week introductory computer science program offered by Girls Who Code! This summer coding program takes place at major tech companies across the U.S.! Students choose which locations they’re interested in, and learn languages such as Python, CSS, and JavaScript through hands on real-world projects in art, robotics, video games and more… Truly a summer coding program opportunity with workshops and field trips that give you exposure to tech jobs and connect you with some pretty high-powered experts in the field (. Build meaningful friendships through this summer coding program and become part of a lifelong sisterhood and a professional alumni network ! And if you want to create a difference using your new coding skills, this summer coding program culminates in a final team project solving a real-world problem! Just in case you want to change the world someday.

Financial: FREE. Stipends also offered for transportation and living expenses during this summer coding program!

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