Program Length: 3 weeks in July- on weekdays only

Location: Virtual or In-Person at 4 different locations

Admissions Req: Only open to girls and non-binary students, ages 8-18… English language proficiency is required

Admissions Deadline: Late June

Highlight: We are currently living in the technological age. Phones, computers, televisions, and other gadgets are what our time and attention go to. This summer, LearnDistrict presents Girls Make Games Summer Camp, where girls and non-binary kids, ages 8-18, get the chance to make a game within the span of three weeks during this gaming summer camp. No past coding or game development experience is required. The only things you need for this gaming summer camp is a passion and love for game creation! Girls get the chance to meet new people and make new friends through developing games in teams, participating in contests, and more during this gaming summer camp. Industry experts & role models speak & engage with the girls, while GMG Fellows (university students pursuing game dev and related technical fields) teach at camp. This gaming summer camp covers topics in game design, programming, game art, audio engineering, presentation skills, and more. For the in-person gaming summer camp, girls get the chance to do more than sit in front of a computer all day; they have field trips, fun activities, and more, shown through the camp’s hands-on aspect. At the end of the gaming summer camp, the top game creators from all the Girls Make Games summer camps will present their games to industry expert judges for a chance to win exciting prizes at Demo Day. Now, the cost ranges from $1,350-$1,950 depending on one of the eight locations, and the virtual gaming summer camp is $1,250, however, financial help is provided! By filling out this financial aid form, LearnDistrict can attempt to help you pay for this opportunity. That was a lot to take in, we know, but there is a lot to get out of this gaming summer camp! For virtual, ages 8-12, register here, for virtual, ages 13-18, register here, and for in-person, all age groups, register here. All girls are welcome to this gaming summer camp, so come and jumpstart your gaming career.


Financial: In-person: Ranges from $1,350-$1,950 depending on location, Virtual: $1,250… Though there is a cost, there is also a clear note on their site that states that they have never turned anyone away for financial reasons… so if you are interested, definitely go for it and apply!


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