Program Length: 6 weeks during the summer

Location: University of Maryland (Eastern Shore in Princess Anne, MD)

Admissions Req: graduating high school seniors with a 2.7+ GPA, accepted into US university, who plan to pursue a Bachelors degree in any area of Geoscience! Application opens mid-December and are usually due at the end of March.

Highlight:  The tide of time has brought about many changes to the planet we call home, yet the resolve to learn more about the stars that twinkle in the night sky and the earth that we live on, still remains. The Geosciences internship program is a 6 week long internship program for graduating seniors. The minimum GPA requirement for this internship program is 2.7 and applicants must be enrolled in a US university pursuing a bachelor’s degree in any of the geosciences. The geosciences internship program includes lectures, field trips, hands-on activities, two for-credit college courses, housing, meals, travel to and from the University of Maryland Eastern Shore (UMES), research on various areas of geosciences (atmospheric science, biogeochemistry etc)  and a stipend of $500 a week. Applicants will receive hands-on experience in their interested fields as interns in this Geosciences internship program which will run through late June to early August. Applicants to this geosciences internship program must submit a response to three essay prompts, the details of which are listed here. The geosciences internship program will take place in person on the UMES campus. The applications for this geosciences internship program opens in December and closes in March. Still have questions? Check their FAQ page or contact them! So what are you waiting for? Apply now and be part of the centuries old passion of learning about our Mother Earth!

Financial: Tuition is free for all accepted. There may be travel and room costs, but those may be waived as well.

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