Program Length: The length of this summer camp depends on the location of the state and city
This summer camp ranges from 3-11 days

Location: There are various locations in US
Depending upon the city and state, this summer camp is offered in face to face or virtual sessions, and some summer camps have both in person and virtual components

Admissions Req: Applicants must be K-12 students or teachers
Other requirements depend on the application for the specific camp
No overall application. Each application is specific to the summer camp you select based on the state and city.

Highlight: Cyber Crime has become notoriously anonymous and insidious, and during these times of technological revolution, being safe on the internet has become more crucial than ever. The GenCyberCamp, sponsored by the NCAE-C, is a cybersecurity camp with locations all across the US for teachers and students at the K-12 level. This cybersecurity summer camp provides cybersecurity postsecondary and career opportunities for students and teachers and just generally promotes cybersecurity among youth. The time commitment for these cybersecurity summer camps will range from 3 to 11 days through the months of May till August, depending on the location of the state and city of the camp you choose. This summer camp offers 5 different, enriching camps, namely; GenCyber Student Camps, GenCyberTeacher Camps, GenCyber Combination Camps, GenCyber Outreach/Extension- Building Activities & GenCyber Goes Virtual Teacher Camps. Based on the summer camp location that is fit for you, it may be offered face to face, virtually or some camps have both in person and virtual components. There is no overall application for this program as each is targeted to the summer camp you pick based on location. So, check out the locations and their specified programs. Take advantage of this opportunity to stay cyber safe!

Financial: Free!  (funding provided by the NSA — National Security Agency.)


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