Program Length: One month

Location: Participating Universities across Canada

Admissions Req: High school students currently completing Grade 10, 11 or 12* (Quebec secondaire IV, V or CEGEP I, or the international equivalent) are eligible to apply. No nomination is required. Applications are due in November

Highlight: Are you a problem solver who likes to think big? Then this extremely prestigious, combination STEM and Entrepreneur summer program for high school students might be for you! Promoted in event literature as maybe not the best summer of your life, but definitely the BEST SUMMER FOR YOUR LIFE,  SHAD is an established and reputed program whose alumni enjoy lifelong benefits of community. Participating universities extend coast-to-coast from Memorial University to UBC, , and include those located in the prairies in-between! Over 900 students attend each year! Those offered admission are given an opportunity to rank locations by preference (as long as it’s NOT one that’s local to them. Part of the program experience is about getting out and experiencing someplace different!  Students have a full schedule of workshops, lectures, labs and team challenges revolving around science, technology, engineering, arts and math. Teams are ultimately challenged with a real world design project to solve a global issue like possibly Resilience in Natural Disasters or Improving Food Security for Canadians. Great opportunity for anyone who is curious and community-minded and looking to learn to lead.  

Financial: $3,200. financial aid and scholarships are available and there are incentives for students from rural and remote communities, as well as for indigenous students, students involved with First Robotics

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