Program Length: Year long gender equity fellowship (June thru May)

Location: Online application and virtual fellowship

Admissions Req: Anyone around the world between 17-24

Admissions Deadline: Late March

Highlight: Hey future generation! Are you an innovative person who would love to use the power of your words to amplify the voice of girls? Then you should consider applying for the Future Rising Fellowship! This gender equity fellowship program is an international movement dedicated to making a change in the lives of women. This gender equity fellowship will choose 10 leaders that will create a narrative story about how environmental issues can impact women’s lives. In the 2022 theme, they will focus more on how water and food security and climate change. On their website you can find example stories that will guide you on the issues you want to tackle. This gender equity fellowship allows you to explore all kinds of media that you can implement in your project, such as short films/videos, articles and long essays, photo essays, graphic novels and podcasts.This gender equity fellowship is a year long project where you will need to commit 15 hours per week during the first 2 months, with an intensive storytelling ‘bootcamp’ in July, and then 5 hours per week after September. During this gender equity fellowship you will have mentors who will help you and speakers who will talk about their own experiences when they started to make a difference. The gender equity fellowship program will also give you the chance to get your project published AND receive a $5000 stipend! What makes this opportunity more unique is that you can make your project in your own native language!! So what are you waiting for to apply? Grab your magic pen, let your words flow, and connect with a world where gender equity prevails!

Financial:Free to apply

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