Program Length: 40 hours at your own pace


Admissions Requirement: Anyone can do this 🙂

Admissions Deadline: Ongoing

Highlight:  Digital marketing is a skill with increasingly high demand these days. Whether it’s marketing yourself, a product, or a business, there is no doubt that having a digital marketing certification can help boost your career! For this reason, Google has launched their Fundamentals of Digital Marketing certification course in order to bring the skill to people around the world of all ages. This free online course features 40 hours of lessons, quizzes, and more about marketing skills such as social media, e-commerce, and business strategy. This digital marketing certification can be used to improve your CV to impress potential employers, show that you have digital skills and a strong motivation to learn, and assist in developing your career. Through many practical exercises and real world examples, you will learn enough knowledge to pass the final 40-question exam- the final step to receiving your digital marketing certification. But don’t hear it from us, over 300,000 people, such as Slywia and Darko, have taken this course and used their newfound knowledge to improve their careers! So what are you waiting for? There’s nothing to lose and so much knowledge to gain from this online course, so make sure to get started today!

Cost: free!

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