Program Length: 9 weeks

Location: Washington State University

Admissions Req:
US citizen or permanent residence
• Student must be an undergraduate in a 2 or 4 year college
Students can be at any level and in any major for this program
• Students especially encouraged to apply are those from community colleges or institutions that do not offer research opportunities for undergraduates

Highlight: Have you ever wondered what the world will look like in 50 years? With scientists expecting the total number of humans to exceed 11 billion, the demand for food, water and energy is forever increasing. This increasing demand  for food, energy, and water, in conjunction with climate change and other phenomena that erode resources require innovative technologies and systems to be developed that can increase the resilience of our resources. Well, the Washington State University FEW Nexus program is all about understanding what  and how are resources are impacted and coming up with technologies and systems and strategies to reduce damaging impact to our Food, Energy, and Water resources! This nine-week summer research program provides students with the opportunity to learn complex systems thinking and engage in professional development and team-based exercises. What makes this program different from others is how it helps students identify and address specific systems problems in specific geographical regions — along with input and support from other students and mentors. Students spend their time immersed in workshops and hands-on training exercises, or connecting with research guides and mentors, and going on field trips. And at the end of it all, students get to proudly present and showcase their work! The application deadline is mid- February, and there is ofc no cost to apply! So what are you waiting for?! If you like dealing with real world problems and the opportunity to shape and improve your systems thinking, then apply now for this summer research program!

Financial: Free

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