Program Length:
3 day High School Hackathon
From July 23-25, 2021

Location: Online

Admissions Req:
Must be a high school student
You can work alone, but you may be part of a team of up to 4 people. Don’t worry, you can find teammates there!

Highlight: Do you want to change the world? Or perhaps code the future? Well Explore Hacks is the perfect opportunity to create a project that solves a current issue in the world and has a lasting impact. Explore Hacks is a100% free 3-day hackathon where students work in groups of 1-4 to explore the process of ideation to product execution. Students will come together to solve the world’s most pressing problems by attending various workshops and mini-events. The entire event takes place completely online and from July 23rd to July 25th. Any high school student can apply no matter their experience; all you need is a longing to learn! At the end of the three days teams submit a 5 minute video and demo pitching the impact of their project and showing its integration within a particular market. There will be a total of $5,000 awarded for prizes. So what’s stopping you? Head to the website and apply today!

Financial: Free



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