Program Length: One year of service for the engineering ambassador program

Location: The engineering ambassador program is located in Washington D.C

Admissions Req: Female, U.S. high school students
Actively involved in promoting engineering to younger students – particularly those with little access to engineering role models – in her community.
Has participated in engineering-related lessons or activities and believes she can explain engineering principles to younger students

Application due by April 1st

Highlight: Calling all high school female scholars with an interest in STEM! The collaboration of the National Academy of Engineering and Society of Women Engineers (NAESWE) offers an engineering ambassador program for young females who are underrepresented in the field of engineering. Not only does this engineering ambassador opportunity uplift younger scholars to fulfill their passions  through an all-expenses-paid 4 day trip to Washington D.C (in times not affected by coronavirus pandemic, ofc), but it also it provides these students with some great training and networking sessions to build their leadership and engineering ambassador  skills! During their trip, engineering ambassadors will learn from terrific mentors with years of respected experience in their field. Back home, girls can apply their engineering ambassador program take-aways by giving back to their community through local projects sponsored by partnering sponsors . This can include things like working with a local Girl Scouts troop, establishing after school clubs, or helping out a local library in your community. Explore your interest and demonstrate your commitment to STEM in this year long program.  If you are a female high school student living in the US and see engineering in your future, then broaden your knowledge (and your impact!) by becoming an active voice and a helping hand to younger girls in your community. Allow your STEM skills to grow and reach others as a STEM strengthening engineering ambassador.

Financial: Engineering ambassador program is free (funding will be given as needed to help community)

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