Program Length: 2@5 day in-person sessions — over one week mid July and one in  August

Location: Virtual (spring sessions) and In-person (summer sessions)

Admissions Req: High school students 9-12 grade from anywhere in world

Highlight: As high school students, we become accustomed to believing we have limited opportunity within life because we’re so young. But that isn’t true when you have the right company around you. These enrichment mini courses, hosted by the prestigious Queens University, allows high school students grades 9-12 to challenge themselves academically through rigorous, self-paced, and specialized programs under the supervision of QU’s graduate students and professors. Enrichment mini courses such as these help students learn and grow skills in areas schools do not traditionally offer. Classes may change every year. Some courses included in the enrichment mini courses in 2021 were Pathology and Molecular Medicine, Clinical Anatomy, Creative Writing, and Mathematical Modelling. This speaks to the diversity of the program itself. The online enrichment mini courses require a financial investment of $219 and a time investment of roughly 15 hours (2-3 hours/day) including 2@ 1-hour live sessions. Required materials include a laptop/pc with a working microphone & Webcam, reliable internet access, and Google Chrome (used to access onQ, Queens Learning Management System (LMS)). If these enrichment mini courses sound appealing to you, sign up , step up to the challenge, and enjoy learning on a different level.

Financial: $219 (online)



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