Program Length: 24 hour high school hackathon  in March

Location: Hosted at 42! in Silicon Valley, Fremont, California

Admissions Req: Any high school student in the San Francisco Bay Area has a can sign up to join this 24 hour high school hackathon. Mentor applications available for high school grads!

Highlight: Take this opportunity to spend 24 Hours with like-minded  high schoolers , practicing and learning code. Psyched!!! But what if I don’t code, you say???? That’s still fine…whether you’re a coding ninja or if you see C+ as the grade just below B-, you are welcome…. and there will likely still be lots for you to do and learn! Activities at this 24 hour hackathon include Paper Airplane Contests, Public Speaking Workshops, various Team Mixer Activities and of course opportunities to both hone your coding skills and compete to show your stuff! Whether you want to compete at this high school hackathon as a lone wolf, or you’d prefer to learn and contribute as part of a team, or whether you’re feeling more comfortable as a coding observer and prefer participating in everything else this high school hackathon has to offer —  it’s all up to you!!! There’s something different to do every ½ hour! So enter, enjoy, and check out 42!! And don’t forget to bring your school ID, and maybe a sleeping bag as well as a toothbrush and maybe a change of clothes. You’ll want to be comfortable for all 24 hours of this high school hackathon!

Financial: Absolutely Free, this high school hackathon offers food, workspace, and swag as well as access to the Mac computers at the venue for your use!

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