Program Length: Flexible. Varies based on the opportunity you select.

Location: Remote

Admissions Req: Some involve being 18+ but generally interest will do.

Highlight: Wouldn’t it just melt your heart if you knew you were the reason an elderly Senior smiled? How would you like to be part of a community service organization that allows not only teens but individuals of all ages to show their gratitude and creativity to Seniors through various volunteer or internship activities? Well, Dorot allows you to do just that; it’s a community service organization that provides opportunities to connect with, and just positively impact, the elderly population living in residential care facilities! In addition, through this program, Seniors get to positively impact  the teens who reach out, by sharing their advice and wisdom and helping them put their best foot forward. Dorot’s basic mission is to provide a variety of community service volunteer opportunities, most of which are even online. Check out all of the options available   year round, and fill out their online application. You can connect with seniors by joining a knitting and crochet group, making holiday or greeting cards, or even through developing meaningful friendships by connecting over the phone. Each community service opportunity has a different frequency and  program length, so you get to choose which volunteer opportunity is most interesting for you and which works best with your availability. So, what are you waiting for??? Spend quality time with people who have been here a lot longer than you and have experience and wisdom to share! Gain some perspective and quite possibly some tips and tricks to carry throughout life! Apply today to interact and make a difference!

Financial: Entirely free, ofc.

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