Program Length: 15 weeks between June and August.

Location: Remote (but you would work on very specific local initiatives in countries in which the organization has 1 or more ongoing projects)

Admissions Requirement: You must be located in the US and specific requirements and duties are listed in each description. At the moment it looks like there are specific requirements for the one internship listed (working with a project in Cambodia): for that project candidates must be at least a junior in university… but we are not clear whether that is the general requirement for any internship.

Admissions Deadline: N/A, rolling admission

Highlight: Have there ever been times where you didn’t feel represented or treated well just because of a lack of diversity in your community? This is sadly a very common struggle for the millions of disabled individuals that live across the world. One non-profit that’s trying to help is DSI (Disability Support International) and they are in need of interns.This non-profit internship runs for 15 weeks between the months of June and August and is open to anyone in the US. This non-profit internship is also completely remote and is recognized by schools to fulfill internship and service-learning requirements. At this time it seems that they only have one project open in Cambodia where they are looking for a training curriculum graphic instructor, so note that this non-profit internship is for junior-level undergraduate students and up pursuing a bachelor’s degree or graduate degree in artistic design, illustration, graphic design, or similar. However this non-profit internship also may have other positions involved like volunteer positions around research for disability services in particular regions of the world, or even just event fundraising positions! The important takeaway we got from their website is that they really encourage you to reach out! So definitely don’t be shy, and reach out if you are interested in helping out in another way! To apply to this non-profit internship email what position you are interested in and attach a pdf copy of your CV or resume. This non-profit is really focused on trying to develop a more diverse and accepting community which can provide disabled people a supportive and accepting community. Best of all, they make it so easy for you to become part of this change by joining their team. Think about reaching out to them today!

Cost: free! 🙂

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