Program Length: 2-3 day events happen every month or every other month 

Location: Virtual

Admissions Req: Female and non-binary High school students from anywhere in the world.

Highlight: It can be difficult to connect with a competitive programming community as a young woman! If you are a problem solver interested in becoming a part of a warm atmosphere to help navigate competitive computing programs, consider joining  Developing Developers  a non-profit organized by a small team of high school women who are very passionate about coding, too! Perhaps you are already familiar with Project Euler problems in a coding contest? Or maybe you have never heard of them and would like to learn more?  Though coding contests are different than hackathons and will require more specific coding skills,  this opportunity to reach out and! New events are planned regularly with different themes. In participating in this coding contest, you will work on improving  real life computer science skills used by software developers and data scientists. In addition to the experience, skills, connections, and confidence you could acquire from this coding contest, prizes are also available for the top scorers. There is also an opportunity to work with with mentors from Google, Bloomberg, and students from Ivy League schools, to further hone your skills. So, if coding is your jam or something you’d like to explore more, anticipate participating in this coding contest — the invitation is open, ladies!

Financial: Free



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