Program Length: 10 weeks

Location: In-person at The University of Chicago

Admissions Requirement:
• current high school  students (grades 9,10,11,12) and current undergraduate students…international students are also eligible to apply!
1-page resume (with background information, your academic progress, relevant experience, technical skills, and links to any websites, portfolios, etc.)
• Personal statement
• Short essay on internship goals and describing a research project
• Short answer explaining interests

Admissions Deadline: Mid-February

Highlight: In the modern technological landscape, data is one of the most valuable resources available, but it means nothing if it isn’t interpreted. If you are interested in learning and utilizing data, then The Data Science Institute Summer Lab program would be perfect for you. This research program is a 10-week paid summer program at the University of Chicago, where high school and undergraduate students work with a data science mentor to learn about computer science, data science, social science, climate and energy policy, public policy, materials science, and biomedical research. You have no prior experience? Don’t worry! This research program doesn’t require any! In this research program, you will not only gain a fundamental understanding of data science methodologies, but also specialized training and professional development that prepares you for a potential future career! This is a stipended program which means there is a small payment associated with it… because of this, international students applying do have to be eligible to work in the US. At the end, you will make a final video that’s a culmination of the 10 week experience. Also in this research program, you will be working with a diverse group of people with different skill sets, working on data science projects as a team. If you are interested in some past projects, check them out here! This research program also provides weekly speakers that are at the forefront of data science. If you are interested, make sure to check the admission requirement and check out the details here!

Cost: this is a stipended program (so you get paid 🙂 ). For 2023 the stipend is $6,000.00

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