Program Length: Varies. It’s a series of challenges, so you decide!

Location: Virtual

Admissions Req: For 13 to 18 year old students across the UK and students in the US starting end of October 2021

Highlight:  Are you a student aged 13-18 from the US or UK  interested in challenging yourself with a range of coding? Are you also an enthusiastic learner that is open to difficult but interesting new topics? Then the Cyber Discovery journey is perfect for you! Consisting of hundreds of hours’ worth of challenges, tasks, and games across three stages, the cyber security challenges allow you to work at your own pace as the difficulty increases. From stage one at Cyber Start where you will complete a set of highly interactive challenges, each harder than the last, through to the second program Cyberstart Game where you will be invited to a suite of over 200 online cyber security challenges to explore across 4 exciting bases that really aims to help you focus on your ability and finally to the last stage: CyberStart essentials where you can get to grips with the basics of advanced cyber security topics and concepts. This Cyber challenge maximizes your opportunity to develop your skills in Cyber security and  possibly even compete for scholarship prizes while doing it! Become the next Cyber Security aware and proficient and register your interest in the 2022 program to be able to enhance your understanding of important technical skills and security concepts.

Financial: Free

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