Program Length: 10 weeks;  mid-June to mid-August

Location: online or in person at University of Washington in Seattle for 2022. They will make the final decision in spring. 

Admissions Req:
U.S citizen or resident
• A current undergraduate student at any US school
• And then just the usual: cover letter, resume, letters of recommendation, transcript

Highlight: Are you a passionate student who would like to save the ocean and environment? Well this internship program might be the right thing for you! This internship program will consist of collecting and analyzing data to get a better understanding on how to solve some urgent issues like climate change, ocean acidification, tsunami forecasting and fishery assessment. In this internship program the student will be given one of the nine themes and will be assigned to a mentor. The intern will not only work with their mentor but they can also have a research group to help them with the project that the intern will choose. This internship program will also have students attend some great seminars that will help them with their project. But that’s not all! This internship program is not only free but it will also cover the cost of the travel and will provide students housing on the University of Washington campus. The internship program will give the intern a stipend of $600/week. At the end of this internship program, the intern is expected to make a three minute video talking about their experience. They will need to make a poster and another video that talks about their project. If you would like to see the poster and video of the student’s previous project last year, you could check out their website. But you will have to hurry if you want to apply because this internship program was featured in the Best Places to Work issue of Seattle Met magazine as one of the coolest programs in Seattle. What are you waiting for? If there’s time left, just apply !

Financial: Free

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