Program Length:
April-Mentor Call
Mid-May -Mentor Weekend
Mid-June -Judging Weekend

Location: Online

Admissions Req:
Fill out contact info form with your details and group members
A design sketch must be uploaded– must be 8.5 x 11
Respond to the annual design challenge question
Upload a signed parent/ guardian consent form

Highlight: Attention to all high school students! A FREE opportunity awaits! — one that allows you to be part of a design competition where you can envision and design the future you want to live in. The Cooper Hewitt Design Competition has a new scenario each year; this year individual and group applicants are asked to design “a solution for a more peaceful and just world”. The annual challenge for all candidates in the Cooper Hewitt Design competition is to clearly communicate a design that is: innovative, impactful, and relevant. With very straightforward and easy admission requirements, this design competition takes place online over the course of one month (including judging!). Those selected as finalists get the opportunity to work with mentor designers and also get feedback for the final presentation. The winner of this scenario-based design competition will be invited to take part in a virtual program in addition to meeting with the designers of their choice! What’s more, the winners’ family will receive a complimentary family membership to Cooper Hewitt Museum. Let the whole family ride your coattails as you foray into the realm of solution driven art and design. Did we mention it’s free! With no additional costs, this is a great design competition to challenge your creativity.

Financial: Free

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